Alert: Impersonation scams

ASIC is alerting consumers to a rise in investment scams impersonating companies or financial investment firms.


What to look out for

Contact details which do not match independent sources

ASIC is aware of scammers providing information and materials, including contact details, impressive brochures, and even websites to ‘verify’ their legitimacy. This information can be very convincing and look authentic. The only differences to the legitimate company’s documents are the contact details and/or bank details.

Calls or messages received out of the blue

ASIC receives many reports where scammers have made or sent unsolicited calls or messages to consumers promising high returns and profits.

A request for remote access to your computer

ASIC is aware of scammers impersonating legitimate companies and then use convincing reasons for the victim to give them remote access (i.e. the ability to log into the victim’s computer or phone from their location). If someone asks you for remote access it is probably a scam.

A person you met online telling you about a great investment opportunity

Many scammers go to great lengths to build relationships and gain trust before offering an investment opportunity. ASIC has received reports of people being approached over email, social media or dating apps prior to being offered an investment opportunity.

For more information about investment scams, visit the Investment Scams page on ASIC’s MoneySmart website or visit the ACCC’s ScamWatch.

Think you have been scammed?

  1. Do not send any more money
  2. Report it to your financial institution. Your report may disrupt the scammers and could assist in warning others to avoid it
  3. Be wary of follow-up scams promising to help you get your money back
  4. Report it to your local police
  5. Report it to ASIC (unfortunately ASIC cannot help you get your money back)

We are vigilant in our cybersecurity and protection of our clients and their information, and would like to remind you of our protocols for investments:

  • You will only hear from your dedicated financial adviser or client services manager, who you know and trust, about any investment information
  • When someone calls from our office, you can ask questions for them to identify themselves
  • If you are ever unsure of who you are speaking with, you can always call our office number on 02 8078 0888 (Sydney) or 07 3012 8040 (Brisbane) to ensure the phone call is legitimate.

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