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Understanding the costs of moving to a village can be confusing.
Our specialist Lifestyle and Care advisers can help you make an informed choice.

Understanding retirement village costs

Retirement village costs and fees are quite unique. It is best to receive an objective assessment on how this move will impact you both personally and financially.  Depending on your situation, taking these costs into consideration may still make a retirement village the best option for you.

As the industry leader in retirement village financial advice, we can assist you to:


  • Understand how retirement village fees and charges work
  • Maximise and protect any entitlements you may have to an Age Pension
  • Consider the impacts of selling the family home and how to invest any excess funds that arise from the sale, and
  • Devise the best and most cost-efficient options for you when making the move into a retirement village.

“Thank you so much for all your work in getting us to this point. We would never have achieved the final result without your expertise and thoughtfulness.” – Steve

Your financial guide to village living

Our exclusive booklet highlights some important points to consider when deciding if a retirement village is the best option for you.

We help hundreds of people a year make the move with confidence.

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