Greg O’Reilly

Greg O’Reilly

Financial Adviser, Lifestyle and Care

Greg is a specialist adviser, dedicated to working with families who need to help a loved one move to residential aged care.

Transitioning to aged care is emotional and often overwhelming. Greg can explain all the financial options available to you for your unique situation. He will guide you through the complexities involved in the transition and help you and your family make clear and confident decisions.

Greg’s desire to help others, coupled with his expertise in financial planning, has led him to this specialised role. Greg says that he enjoys having the support of a company like Alteris behind him, and that this benefits his clients. “What I enjoy most about working at Alteris is knowing that I have the best resources available so that I can offer the most appropriate financial advice to clients who are in need during an extremely stressful time,” he says

Greg is happy to answer any questions you may have about the move to aged care.