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Moving to aged care

We are with you every step of the way

Someone you love may have reached a point where care needs have increased. For some, this is gradual. For others, a sudden health event means that additional care is required now.

There are many decisions to make when considering a move to aged care which can feel overwhelming with so many options and seemingly complex calculations.

This is where we can help.

Whilst we provide financial strategies and advice, what we really do is empower people moving to aged care to transition with dignity and peace of mind.

5 key steps to take when moving to aged care

Step 1. The ACAT assessment and choosing the home

Before moving to aged care, you will need an assessment by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT).

This assessment will identify the level of support needed and eligibility for permanent residential care.

If you’ve previously had an assessment and health needs have changed, you can request a new assessment.

The Government’s website, My Aged Care, includes a lot of useful information to help you understand your options and apply for the ACAT assessment.

Next, choose the new home from the government-recognised list of aged care home providers. Arrange a tour, consider the room options you’d prefer, and check vacancies and waiting lists.

Our Lifestyle and Care advisers can also provide guidance around the options available in your area.

Step 2. Understanding your options and the costs

There are many factors that influence the costs associated with aged care. This includes the location of your chosen facility, the services you receive, and your financial situation.

We have put together this exclusive guide which outlines the different types of fees and how they might apply to you.

The My Aged Care website shows the most up to date figures for each of the fees.

Step 3. Covering costs now, and setting up for the future

With such a significant life change, you want to know that you and your family are financially secure both now and in the future.

This is where our advisers can support you by understanding what is important to you and your family, which is often beyond the numbers.


Our role is to help you to make big decisions knowing that you fully understand all the options available to you. This includes the long term impacts on the aged care fees, income (including government benefits) and assets.

Step 4. Putting your strategy into action

It’s now time to complete the DHS forms for the initial assessment of the aged care fees.

The assessment often takes several months and this can be ongoing especially when there are changes soon after entry such as a payment to the accommodation or change to the former home. It can feel very overwhelming, particularly at a time when so much else is going on.

We can provide full support to relieve you of this burden. We use our experience to lodge claims, ensure that the calculations are accurate for your situation, and appeal any incorrect fees or pension payments on your behalf. We also provide confidence that government calculations take into account your complete situation.

Step 5. We’re here when you need us

After moving to permanent care, there may be changes that impact the fees and pension entitlement and it’s important to ensure the Government departments are updated.

We know that things change and you may need to make new decisions over the years.

We’re always just a phone call away and can advise you further as well as continue to assist you with government departments.


We have helped thousands of families make the move with confidence

“Without the Alteris team, my sisters and I would have forfeited tens of thousands of dollars. We are so grateful for the efficiency and care they showed in helping us manage our parents diminishing finances. This is a complex and opaque system and the services of experienced professionals is strongly advised.”

Lori Flekser

Your loved one’s care needs are the focus of our Lifestyle and Care advisers and client services team.

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