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Aged care financial decisions can be complex and, in many cases, the stakes are high.

Our Lifestyle and Care team are aged care specialists who can assist you and your loved ones to make a challenging transition with confidence. 

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    Our specialist aged care financial advisers provide you with all the information and advice you need specific to your situation, covering key issues such as


    • Fee structures and affordability of care
    • Correct structuring of your assets and income
    • Maximising your Centrelink/Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) Pension entitlement
    • Minimising the ongoing cost of aged care, and
    • Decisions around keeping or selling the family home
    • Intergenerational wealth transfer

    “Working with Alteris felt like a team effort as I financed my mother’s future.” -Kym

    “We could not have got by without you and we are so grateful for all your assistance.

    We truly do not have the words to thank you for all you have done. To see mum settled into permanent residential care in a facility she loves means everything to us and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

    – Judy and Bill

    The best way to fund and manage aged care depends on your specific financial circumstances and goals. Our specialist financial advisers focus on understanding the needs of each individual and their unique situation. We guide you through the range of financial options and care support services available, anticipate issues that might arise and explain the best way around them.

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    Nicola Walker
    Nicola Walker
    March 31, 2022.
    My sister and I received financial advice from Sulo Kulendran regarding our mother's move to residential aged care. Sulo was always helpful and friendly and the strategies she advocated have been very useful. We now feel much more informed about a very complicated business.
    Darren Cann
    Darren Cann
    March 4, 2022.
    Jillian Clarke from Alteris Financial Group provided me with Financial advice when my parents were moving in to the next phase of retirement. The advice was invaluable and helped me understand the complexities of aged care costs and make the right decisions for my parents. Jillian was patient and understanding during this difficult time and gave me confidence in my future financial decision making on behalf of my parents.
    Tony Adler
    Tony Adler
    December 16, 2021.
    Our family's dealings with Alteris and Jillian Clarke in particular have exceeded expectations. We were recommended to them in regard to our mother entering residential aged care. From the beginning the engagement was professional, caring and expert. Our needs were listened to and understood. The roadmap and accompanying tasks were fulfilled in line with their projections. Their communication was excellent throughout and Jillian was always available when required. Entering aged care is a complex business. Alteris and Jillian showed themselves to be experts in all aspects and I can thoroughly recommend them to families going through this process.
    Julianne Turner
    Julianne Turner
    November 16, 2021.
    Danii and Amanda were fantastic helping us with the transition of moving Dad to Permanent residency in a nursing home. Its stressfull enough without trudging through govermental paperwork and possibly paying way more that you have to. Thanks Danii and the team, we are very grateful.
    Nadia Paula
    Nadia Paula
    November 15, 2021.
    I reached out to Jillian out of the blue in desperate need of advice regarding the complexity of the aged care process that I was embarking on with my father. She gave me her time and advice with compassion and warmth and pointed me in all the right directions. Jillian then provided invaluable financial advice to my family, and ensured that we understood everything and made time for any additional questions or queries we had. I honestly don't know what we would of done without her valuable advice and kindness in such a challenging time. I can not recommend her highly enough.
    Nick Jones
    Nick Jones
    November 2, 2021.
    Approximately 2.5-years ago - as my mother (and our family) was navigating the ACAT, nursing home selection - there was a genuine need for understanding the financial costs of this life transition - and "the rules of the game" across from the Dept. of Human services. My mother's long-time solicitor referred us to Alteris (Chris Nothling and his team) specifically for the purposes of "Aged care financial planning" (distinctly differentiated from investment management/planning). If you are reading this review - you know this is a time with requisite stresses for all family members - there is much administration and a set of Government Department rules to navigate. We met with Chris twice; had 1-2 discovery calls also - and his advice was always clear, fact-based and well-presented to the family. Moreover, Alteris acted as guide (and importantly) managed the interface with Dept. Human Service and at times the Nursing home - to explain matters, and to keep on top of preventing additional collections/payments - when annual and lifetime caps were reached. After an initial assessment, we retained Alteris for the life of means tested fees (2.5-years) and this a service that benefited the family greatly in this period. Chris and his team were always punctual, acted with integrity and balance. Chris is an expert in the sphere - a published author - and has a genuine, calming empathy to his Clients needs. I give a strong recommendation of Chris/Alteris to families in a similar position to ours 2.5-3 years back. We are glad to have retained Chris/Alteris.
    Charles Rudner
    Charles Rudner
    October 21, 2021.
    Chris is great to deal with. He is extremely knowledgeable and is very helpful. I would be happy to recommend him to anyone.
    Melina Iuculano
    Melina Iuculano
    October 13, 2021.
    I have been a client of Alteris Financial Group for over 15 years and have worked closely with Kate Golder, who is the ultimate professional. Her market knowledge is outstanding as is her commitment to her clients. Her advise and support throughout the years has been exceptional, therefore I would highly recommend Kate and her team.
    Joanne Costanzo
    Joanne Costanzo
    September 20, 2021.
    Recently my elderly father was placed in aged care. Sulo Kulendran helped me through the process by providing valuable financial advice. Thank you Sulo for explaining how the aged care system works and advising us on the best path forward.

    We have helped thousands of families make the move with confidence, knowing that all the details are covered and the best strategy has been recommended.

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    “The decisions that I was being asked to make were so complex and confronting that I was both physically and emotionally at the end of my tether.

    I don’t know how we would have managed without your support. Your care, kindness, compassion and technical expertise produced a dream outcome way beyond anything we had hoped for. We owe you a debt of gratitude that is unlikely ever to be repaid.”

    – Virginia aged care financial advice

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