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Wealth management services

Investment advice

With a strong financial base and more free time you might want to travel more, spend time with your grandchildren or give back to your community. Whatever your goals, we can help you map it all out so you have a clear view of now and the future.

Once we are clear on what you want to achieve, we will begin the investment portfolio design process. As part of this process, we will explain the different strategies available to help you achieve your objectives. Different strategies come with different types of risk and it is important that you have a good understanding of what those mean and whether they are appropriate for you. Working through this process with us will put you in an informed position to decide on the investment strategy that will achieve your goals.

Setting you up for success

Once your agreed investment strategy is in place, your adviser will provide you with a written statement of advice covering all aspects of your strategy and design. We will implement this strategy and liaise on your behalf with all third parties, including accountants and solicitors if necessary. We prepare all the relevant administration paperwork and instruct the investment team to start building your portfolio. Your client services manager will keep you informed on the progress of your strategy implementation until your portfolio is complete.

Superannuation and retirement planning

Superannuation is an integral part of your retirement plan and managed the right way it can be very tax effective. When you retire, you will have access to a large sum of money in your superannuation fund and you need to be confident it will be enough for your lifestyle and that those funds will last.

Other considerations include tax, cash flow and any social security benefits to which you may be entitled. We look at the big picture to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your superannuation benefit.

Self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF)

Control your fund, control your future.  For many of our clients, a SMSF is a good retirement funding option from a cost, control and flexibility point of view. A SMSF allows greater freedom, with access to more investment choices including direct commercial and residential property. Our financial advisers are accredited SMSF specialists, so you will get expert advice from us on all aspects of SMSF choice, administration and compliance. With our guidance, you can be in control of your financial destiny.

Accounting and tax planning

As part of your strategy design, we will take into account your personal taxation position and that of any entities you may own or operate though such as family trusts or companies. Alteris Financial Group offers a full accounting, book keeping and taxation service. Because our wealth management and accounting services are integrated, we can ensure all your financial requirements are met.

Risk management and insurance planning

Whether you are starting out in your career or starting a family, a professionally tailored risk insurance plan should be an important part of your wealth management strategy. The death of a loved one or the temporary loss of income from a partner due to accident or illness can put undue financial stress on yourself and your family.

We work with you to design a strategy to ensure you and your family are protected should a major event occur. If you already have cover, we will review your current risk insurances to ensure they are adequate and structured correctly. Importantly, in the event you need to claim on your risk insurance, we will be there to step you through the process and provide support when your family needs it most.

Estate planning

Part of a successful financial plan is ensuring that your wealth goes to those you wish to benefit from it the most such as your family, charity, church or a combination of beneficiaries. You may wish to leave assets to a sibling, grandchild, niece or nephew or you may have a second marriage and want assets to pass to your own children but with a life interest for your spouse.

Do you want to share some of your assets now and enjoy the benefits this brings to your loved ones? We can help work through your personal requirements to ensure your wishes are honoured. We can liaise with a solicitor of your choice or refer you to one if necessary.

Ongoing conversations

At Alteris, we have a team approach to wealth management. Your financial adviser is available to talk at all times about any aspect of your strategy and will contact you proactively around any changes required in between scheduled meetings. Your customer service manager will arrange your review meetings, complete all your necessary paperwork and ensure any changes to your strategy are implemented.

Both your financial adviser and your customer service manager work with our investment team to ensure any changes to your objectives are reflected in your investment portfolio. Once we begin implementation of your portfolio, you will be introduced to the investment team who you can contact at any time to discuss your investments or market concerns.

Wealth management is a team effort

Let’s work together